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Pies, Pasties, Sausage Rolls etc.




3″ Catering Sausage Rolls Jus Roll 1×72 £10.14
4″ Premium Sausage Rolls 50x78g £12.56
6″ Unbaked Premium Sausage Rolls Medway 40x120g £14.96
7″ Unbaked Sausage Rolls x40 £16.03
8″ Unbaked Scored Premium Sausage Rolls Medway 40x160g £19.14
Baked All Steak Pies Pukka 12x235g £19.64
Baked Chicken & Chorizo Pies Celtic Pie 12x260g £31.30
Baked Chicken & Mushroom Pies 12x235g £19.21
Baked Chicken Leek & Bacon Pies Celtic Pie Co 12x235g £18.79
Baked Cornish Beef Pasties Proper Cornish 20x225g £27.79
Baked Jumbo Sausage Rolls Pukka 12x164g £11.12
Baked KING’S Steak Pasties x12 £16.23
Baked Lamb & Redcurrant Posh Pies 12x260g £26.60
Baked Mince Beef & Onion Pies 12x235g £16.22
Baked Potato & Meat Pies 12x235g £15.90
Baked Rev James & Steak Posh Pies 12x260g £26.60
Baked Steak & Ale Pies 12x235g £17.17
Baked Steak & Kidney Pies Celtic Pie Co 12x235g £18.79
Baked Stilton & Asparagus Pies Celtic Pie Co 12x235g £18.02
Baked Veg & Goats Cheese Posh Pies 12x260g £31.30
Baked Wrapped KINGS Chicken & Mushroom Pies 12 x 230gm £14.43
Baked Wrapped KINGS Steak & Kidney Pies 12 X 230gm £14.83
Butternut Squash Mixed Bean & Cheese Pies 6x280g £18.49
CForce 4″ Cat Saus Roll 48x90g £11.22
Cheese & Onion Pasties Proper Cornish 20x225g £27.91
Cottage Pie Authentic 12x320g £25.43
Fully Baked Mini Corned Beef Pasties 30x41g £8.65
Giant Traditional Cornish Pasties Medway 30x248g £25.00
Jumbo Sausage Rolls Jus Roll 48x100g £19.19
Large Unbaked Minced Beef & Onion Pies Pukka 24x240g £37.36
Mini Baked Pork Pies Menuserve 12x2x70g £12.66
Preportioned Gala Pie 18ptn £14.95
Unbaked 4″ Sausage Rolls Celtic Pie Co 50 x 90gm £19.87
Unbaked 6″ Sausage Rolls Celtic Pie 30x140g £17.89
Unbaked 8″ Sausage Rolls Celtic Pie Co 40x180g £31.80
Unbaked Bacon & Cheese Turnovers 36’s £39.68
Unbaked Cheese & Onion Pasties Proper Cornish 20 x 283gm £22.70
Unbaked Chicken & Mushroom Pies 12x235g £18.17
Unbaked Chicken & Mushroom Pies Pukka 24x240g £37.36
UNBAKED Chicken & Mushroom Pies Pukka 30 x 200gm £34.97
Unbaked Jumbo Sausage Rolls 36x180g £30.41
Unbaked Large Stand Up Pasties Pukka 30x230g £28.69
Unbaked Pasties – Vegetable x 36 £36.97
Unbaked Peppered Steak Slices 30x180g £39.75
Unbaked Steak & Kidney Pies 12x235g £17.75
Unbaked Steak & Kidney Pies Pukka 24x240g £37.36
Unbaked Steak & Kidney Pies Pukka 30x200g £32.28
Unbaked Steak Pasties 36 £45.09
Unbaked Traditional Proper Cornish Steak Pasties x20 £24.77
Wrapped Large Stand Up Pasties Pukka 12x213g £14.71

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