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Cakes, Flapjacks & Traybakes




Almond Flapjacks RJ Foods 24 x 125g £12.93
Apple & Sultana Flapjacks 16x40g £7.75
Assorted Devonvale 24x80g £13.01
Assorted Flapjacks RJ Foods 24 x 125g £12.93
Bakewell Slices Mrs Crimbles 24 x 70g £25.95
Banoffee Flapjack Devonvale 24x95g £15.65
Blondie Traybake 14ptn £19.26
Butter Shortbread Devonvale 24x60g £16.20
Caramel Flapjacks RJ Foods 24 x 125g £12.93
Caramel Shortbread Devonvale 24x75g £16.20
Chocoholic Flapjack Devonvale 24x95g £15.65
Chocolate Brownie Devonvale 24x60g £16.20
Chocolate Flapjacks RJ Foods 24 x 125g £12.93
Chocolate Macaroon Mrs Crimbles 20x70g £12.41
Chocolate Orange Flapjacks RJ Foods 24 x 125g £12.93
Chocolate Tiffin Devonvale 24x80g £16.20
Classic Butter Shortbread Handmade Cake Co 12x55g £10.15
Coco Pops Cereal Bars Kelloggs 25 X 20gm £11.01
Double Chocolate Brownie Siwgr a Sbeis 12ptn £14.31
Double Chocolate Brownies Mrs Crimbles 24 x 58g £25.95
Frosties & Milk Cereal Bar Kelloggs 25x25g £11.01
Fruit & Nut Cereal Bar Alpen 24x28g £12.78
Fruit & Nut Choclolate Bar Alpen 24x28g £12.78
Fruit Flapjacks RJ Foods 24 x 125g £12.93
Gluten Free Nutty Fruitcake Slice 1×18 £16.82
Indiv. Wrapped Bakewell Tarts 24’s £20.71
Individual Apple Pies Mr Kipling 1×6 £2.34
Jam Rings Mrs Crimbles 24x40g £14.91
Jumbo Jam Swiss Roll Lyons Individual £1.75
Luxury Mixed Flapjacks Food Connection 30x100g £18.69
Mince Pies x 72 £18.04
Mini Mince Pies Sargents 8 x 9 £17.80
Mixed Cookies Wicked Cake 1×24 £16.83
Mixed Crumble Slices Devonvale 24x80g £13.16
Mixed Crunchy Cakes Devonvale 24x80g £13.16
Mixed Iced Flapjacks Devonvale 24x95g £12.73
Mixed Plain Flapjacks Devonvale 24x95g £12.73
Original Flapjacks RJ Foods 24 x 125g £12.93
Preportioned Biennestick Cake 10ptn £9.74
Preportioned Chococarnage Traybake Bar Cake 14ptn £15.13
Preportioned Rocky Road Traybake 15ptn £12.76
Raspberry Flapjacks RJ Foods 24 x 125g £12.93
Reduced Sugar Chocolate Mini Muffins Oh So Scrummy 50x50g £20.31
Rice Krispies Marshmallow Squares Kelloggs 30x28g £20.84
Rice Krispies Squares Chocolate 30x36g £20.84
Rich Fruit Cake Slices Devonvale 24x60g £13.16
Shortbread Slices Mixed Devonvale 24x75g £13.16
Toffee Flapjacks RJ Foods 24 x 125g £12.93
Welsh Cakes Blas Castell 1×20 £3.51
Welsh Cakes tanycastell 1 x 20 £5.23
Welsh Oatcakes Welsh Hills x 250g £2.92
White Chocolate & Cranberry Tiffin 12ptn £14.96
Wrapped Blueberry Muffins Wicked Cake x 24 £16.93
Wrapped Carrot Cake Slices x15 £13.36

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