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Bar Snacks




Bacon Fries Pub Card Walkers 24 x 25gm £13.18
Big D Pork Scratchings Trigon 20x20g £13.91
Big D Salted Peanuts Card 24 x 50gm £10.45
Brains KP Chilli Nuts 18 x 75g £19.96
Dry Roasted Nuts KP 18x80g £19.96
Dry Roasted Peanuts Mr Filberts 2.8kg £26.24
Eat Natural Protein Packed Peanuts + Chocolate 12x45g £11.49
Mcv Mini Cheddars Cheese & Onion Crinkly 30x50g £19.89
Mini Cheddars Barbecue McVities 30x50g £19.89
Mini Cheddars McVities 30x50g £18.39
Mini Cheddars Salt & Vinegar Crinkly 30x50g £18.39
Pigs in Blankets Snaffling Pig Gift Jar 1.5kg £14.26
Pork Scratchings 40 x 90g £42.59
Pork Scratchings Bag Black Country 20x65g £13.91
Pub Card Twiglets 12x45g £9.44
Salted Peanuts Big D 3kg £17.57
Salty Dog Cheddar Bites 26x40g £13.94
Salty Dog Chilli Peanuts 12x45g £6.46
Salty Dog Dry Roasted Peanuts 24x45g £10.74
Salty Dog Salted Peanuts 24x45g £10.02
Scampi Fries Pub Card Walkers 24 x 27gm £13.18
Wasabi Peanuts 1kg £9.44

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