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Confectionery Chocolate Standard Bars




Aero 36x40g £23.36
Aero Peppermint Nestle 36x36g £24.70
Bounty Dark Chocolate Standard 24x57g £19.56
Bounty Twin Bars 24x57g £13.01
Cadbury Double Decker 48x55g £27.54
Cadbury Fudge Standard Bars x 60 £15.30
Cadbury Picnic 36x49g £21.69
Cadbury Twirl 48x43g £30.88
Cadbury Wispa 48x39g £28.37
Cadburys Boost 48x49g £30.04
Cadburys Crunchie 48x40g £26.70
Caramel Galaxy 24x48g £20.32
Chomp Cadbury 60x25p £18.22
Curly Wurly Cadbury 48x26g £18.37
Dairy Milk & Caramel Cadbury 48x45g £32.18
Dairy Milk Standard Bars 48 x 45gm £39.04
Flake Standard Bars Cadbury x48 £39.66
Galaxy Standard Bars 24x42g £20.32
Kit Kat (2 Finger) Nestle 72 x 2 £30.14
Kit Kat 4 Finger 24x42g £11.67
Kit Kat Chunky 48x48g £30.81
Kit Kat Four Finger 48x48g £21.69
Lion Bar Standard Nestle 36 x 50g £23.63
Mars Bars Standard 24x51g £10.67
Mars Standard Bars 48x51g £25.82
Milky Bar Medium Nestle 40x25g £25.67
Milky Way Bars 48×21.5g £17.02
Mint Aero 36x40g £25.42
Snickers Standard Bars 24x50g £11.91
Snickers Standard Bars 48x48g £29.79
Star Bars Cadbury 32x49g £24.30
Terry Chocolate Orange Bar 30 x 35g £24.85
Toffee Crisp 48x38g £33.65
Twix Standard Bars 25x50g £13.01
Yorkie 24x72g £20.19
Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit 36x44g £20.69
Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit 24x44g £14.61
Yorkie Standard 36x46g £22.53

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