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99 Chocolate Flakes Cadbury 1×144 £20.57
Cadbury Buttons Standard x 48 £31.83
Cadbury Creme Eggs 48x40g £24.22
Cadbury Freddo x 60 £25.38
Caramel Freddo Cadbury 60x30p £22.04
Catering After Dinner Mints After Eights x 800gm £10.80
Celebrations Tub 750g £8.92
Chocolate Mint Crisps 1kg £9.22
Club Orange Jacobs x60 £17.12
Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars 110gm £1.37
Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars 200gm £2.51
Dark Chocolate Coffee Cups 1×72 £15.81
Extra Spearmint Chewing Gum Wrigleys 30×10 £14.09
Extra Strong Mints Trebor x40 £24.33
Fruit Pastilles 48x53g £21.69
Fruit Pastilles Tube Rowntree 48×52.5g £24.67
Fruit Skittles 36x55g £20.26
Fruits Polo 48x37g £26.87
Fruity Pops Jar 5p Lollies Matlow x 120 £9.34
Fruity Pops Lollies Jar 1×120 £9.34
Gold Bears Haribo Pocket Pack 20’s £4.74
Haribo Heart Throbs 300x2p £5.74
Haribo Jelly Babies 600x1p £5.74
Haribo Milk Shakes 300x2p £5.74
Haribo Starmix 100 x 10p £10.94
Maltesers Standard Bags 40x37g £23.03
Milky Way Magic Stars 36 x 33g £25.22
Mini Chocolate Rolls Cadbury x5 £1.80
Mint Imperials Bassetts 12 x 200gm £21.74
Mints Polo 1×48 £25.03
Roses Tub Cadbury 729g £9.02
Smarties Tubes 48x38g £25.94
Star Mix Bags Haribo 12x160g £12.66
Starburst Original 24x45g £13.68
Tangfastic Haribo 100x10p £10.94
White Chocolate Buttons x 48 £31.83
Yellow Bellies Haribo 30x20p £5.74

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