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Sandwich Fillings




Chicken Mayo & Parsley 1kg £8.85
Coronation Chicken Sandwich Filling 1kg £8.55
Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Filling 1kg £6.28
Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Filling Celtic Sandwich Co 2kg £12.63
Guacamole 1kg £8.77
Mixed Cheese & Spring Onion Filling Celtic Sandwich Co 1kg £7.55
Sage & Onion Stuffing Slices 1kg £5.43
Spicy Mediterranean Pasta Twirl 2kg £10.69
SWF All Day Breakfast 1kg £7.52
SWF Balti Chicken 1kg £9.52
SWF BBQ Chicken in Mayo 1kg £9.52
SWF BBQ Chicken Marinade 1kg £10.86
SWF Caesar Chicken & Bacon 1kg £9.52
SWF Cajun Chicken Marinade 1kg £10.86
SWF Cheese & Apple 1kg £7.43
SWF Cheese Savoury 1kg £6.68
SWF Chicken & Bacon (Reduced Calorie) 1kg £9.52
SWF Chicken & Bacon 1kg £9.52
SWF Chicken & Chorizo 1kg £9.52
SWF Chicken & Sweetcorn 1kg £9.52
SWF Chicken & Sweetcorn 2kg £13.53
SWF Chicken Bacon & Sweetcorn 1kg £9.52
SWF Chicken in BBQ Sauce 1kg £9.52
SWF Chicken Korma 1kg £9.52
SWF Chicken Mayo (Reduced Calorie) 1kg £9.52
SWF Chicken Mayo & Parsley 1kg £9.52
SWF Chicken Mayonnaise 1kg £9.52
SWF Chicken Sage & Onion 1kg £9.52
SWF Chicken Tikka Marinade 1kg £10.86
SWF Chicken Tikka,Onion Bhaji, Yoghurt & Mint 1kg £9.52
SWF Chicken Tikka/Mayo 1kg £9.52
SWF Chinese Chicken in Mayo 1kg £9.52
SWF Chinese Chicken Marinade 1kg £10.86
SWF Chipotle Chicken 1kg £9.52
SWF Coronation Chicken (Reduced Calorie) 1kg £9.52
SWF Coronation Chicken 1kg £9.52
SWF Crab Flavour & Prawns 1kg £10.77
SWF Crab Flavour 1kg £7.01
SWF Creamy Caesar Chicken 1kg £9.52
SWF Egg & Bacon 1kg £8.02
SWF Egg Mayonnaise (Reduced Calorie) 1kg £5.85
SWF Egg Mayonnaise 1kg £4.89
SWF Falafel, Chickpea, Yogurt & Mint 1kg £10.69
SWF Firecracker Chicken 1kg £9.52
SWF Harissa Chicken 1kg £9.52
SWF Heatable Chicken Jalfrezi 1kg £9.52
SWF Heatable Chicken Tikka Masala 1kg £9.52
SWF Heatable Chicken, Bacon & Mozzarella 1kg £9.52
SWF Heatable Ham Cheese & Pineapple 1kg £8.93
SWF Heatable Mozzarella, Pepperoni & Jalepinos 1kg £9.27
SWF Hoisin Duck 1kg £14.20
SWF Honey Chilli Chicken 1kg £9.52
SWF In Sauce Cajun Chicken & Tomato 1kg £9.52
SWF In Sauce Italian Style Chicken 1kg £9.52
SWF In Sauce Minted Lamb 1kg £13.19
SWF Italian Chicken (Sundried Tom & Herbs) 1kg £10.86
SWF Jamaican Jerk Marinade 1kg £10.86
SWF Lakeland Deli Beef 1kg £11.69
SWF Lamb & Mint 1kg £13.19
SWF Lemon Chicken 1kg £9.52
SWF Lemon Pepper Chicken x 1kg £10.86
SWF Lime & Coriander Chicken 1kg £10.86
SWF Mango Chicken 1kg £9.52
SWF Mediterranean Chicken Marinade 1kg £10.86
SWF Mexican Chicken 1kg £9.52
SWF Mexican Chilli Beef 1kg £11.06
SWF Mexican Chilli Tuna 1kg £8.10
SWF Mexican Fajita Chicken 1kg £10.86
SWF Mixed Cheese & Onion 1kg £7.43
SWF Mixed Cheese & Spring Onion 1kg £7.43
SWF Moroccan Houmous 1kg £5.51
SWF Mozzarella, Sundried Tomato & Jalapeno 1kg £9.27
SWF Onion Bhajee & Sweet Chilli Sauce 1kg £8.77
SWF Pasta Bows Tomato & Basil 2kg £10.69
SWF Piri Piri Chicken In Sauce 1kg £9.52
SWF Piri Piri Marinade 1kg £10.86
SWF Prawn Cocktail 1kg £11.84
SWF Prawn Marie Rose 1kg £12.56
SWF Prawn Mayonnaise 1kg £15.78
SWF Pulled BBQ Pork 1kg £13.03
SWF Pulled Beef Mexican Style (In Sauce) 1kg £11.86
SWF Pulled Pork 1kg £15.28
SWF Pulled Pork, Stuffing & Apple Sauce 1kg £11.11
SWF Red Leicester & Spring Onion 1kg £7.43
SWF Red Salmon & Mayo 1kg £11.19
SWF Red Thai Chicken In Sauce 1kg £9.52
SWF Seafood Cocktail 1kg £11.52
SWF Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese 1kg £10.60
SWF Smokey Joe Ham & Cheese 1kg £8.93
SWF Southern Fried Chicken Fillets 1kg £10.86
SWF Spicy Chicken 1kg £9.52
SWF Spicy Meatballs in Salsa 1kg £11.11
SWF Spicy Noodles 2kg £12.53
SWF Sweet & Sour Beetroot 2kg £8.27
SWF Tabbouleh & Mint 1kg £5.61
SWF Tandoori Chicken 1kg £9.52
SWF Tuna & Sweetcorn 1kg £8.10
SWF Tuna Lemon Pepper Mayo 1kg £8.68
SWF Tuna Mayonnaise 1kg £8.10
SWF Tuna Melt 1kg £9.52
SWF Turkey, Bacon & Cranberry 1kg £9.94
SWF Turkey, Sage & Onion 1kg £9.94
SWF Vegetarian Tikka 1kg £7.60
Tuna Mayonnaise Sandwich Filling 1kg £9.75

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