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Buffet Starters & Sides




Bacon/Cheese Puffs Talgarth x 20 110-120gm £21.46
Battered Onion Rings 1kg £1.90
Battered Squid Rings 454g £3.16
Beer Battered Large Onion Rings 1kg £4.56
Breaded Brie Wedges 24x37g £10.34
Breaded Butterfly King Prawns 500g £6.35
Breaded Green Jalapeno Peppers 1kg £11.27
Breaded Mozzarella Sticks 1kg £8.43
Breaded Mushrooms Golden Crumb 1kg £3.71
Buffet Canapes Thaw & Serve 1×35 £16.33
Buffet Pork Pies 6x65g £1.52
Camembert Bites 1kg £8.12
Camembert Rounds Golden Crumb 10 x 50g £7.18
Cheese & Bacon Bites Frank Dale x48 £16.22
Cheese & Bacon Filled Potato Skins 2×1.9kg £24.33
Cheese & Chives Filled Potato Skins 2×1.9kg £24.33
Cheese & Onion Bar Quiche Peakhouse 1.1kg £6.71
Cheese Ham & Curry Crolines Craig Millar 90x22g £22.81
Cheeseburger Crostini Frank Dale 45x22g £22.95
Cheeseos Innovate Foods 1kg £7.95
Chicken Satay Big Kitchen 60 x 20g £12.73
Chicken Tikka Skewers Meadowvale 60 x 35gm £27.09
Chinese Spring Rolls Daloon 40x90g £15.90
Cocktail Beef Pasties 60x80g £36.96
Cocktail Onion Bhajees Samosaco 100 x 20g £31.80
Cocktail Pakoras Samosaco 100 x 20g £31.80
Cocktail Vegeatable Samosa 100x25g £36.77
Cocktail Vegetable Samosas Scheff 25 x 45g £11.42
Cocktail Vol au Vents Jus Rol 60’s £4.51
Cooked Chicken Kebabs 40x100g £37.76
Cooked Chicken Skewers Atlantic 2x50x25g £38.66
Cooked Cocktail Pork Sausages 150x10g £8.92
Cooked Pigs in Blankets 100x15g £26.84
Crispy Mushroom Profiles 1kg £4.76
Duck Spring Rolls Chef Selection 90 x 20g £16.97
Fish & Chip Style Canape Frank Dale x48 £27.66
Fully Baked Mini Cheese & Onion Pasties Talgarth x 30 £8.65
Fully Baked Mini Chicken Tikka Pasties Talgarth x 30 £8.65
Fully Baked Mini Corned Beef Pasties 30x41g £8.65
Garlic Breaded Mushrooms 1kg £3.76
Gluten Free Pakora Combo Samosaco 4x20x20g £42.74
Hot & Kicking Chicken Wings Friki 2.27kg £13.49
King Size Vol Au Vents 1×12 £3.61
Large Onion Bhajees Scheff 25 x 70gm £11.92
Large Veg Samosa Scheff 25x65g £14.16
Large Vegetable Samosa 30x90g £21.46
Mac n Cheese Bites Golden Crumb 1kg £8.83
Mango & Brie Pastry Parcels Scheff 25x30g £13.93
Medium Onion Bhajees Samosaco 50 x 50gm £31.80
Medium Vol Au Vents Jus Roll 1×36 £4.07
Mini Chicken Kebab Selection 36x30g £24.33
Mini Chicken Tikka Samosas Daloon 80x30g £20.62
Mini Chicken,Bacon & Leek Party Pies 72x30g £18.60
Mini Combo Samosaco 160x15g £38.16
Mini Cranberry & Brie Puffs Scheff 30x18g £13.16
Mini Minced Steak & Ale Party Pies 72x30g £19.54
Mini Pie Selection Frank Dale 48x25g £21.06
Mini Pie Selection Frank Dale 48x26g £21.06
Mini Pizza Selection Frank Dale 96x18g £33.23
Mini Prawn Cocktail Blinis 48x11g £27.47
Mini Quiche Selection Frank Dale 4×12 £13.31
Mini Sausage Rolls Buffet Uncooked 50’s £1.50
Mini Sheperds Pie Frank Dale 48x12g £32.18
Mini Vanilla Rolls Carlton 1×12 £2.57
Mini Veg Samosas Lucky Red 50 x 15g £2.45
Mini Veg Spring Rolls Lucky Red 50 x 15g £2.45
Mini Vegetable Samosa Daloon 80x30g £21.03
Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls Daloon 90x20g £16.50
Mini Yorkshires Beef & Horseradish 1×48 £25.43
Mix Chicken Satay Big Kitchen 3x40x10g £13.51
Mixed Mini Party Pack Pork Farms x65 £28.26
MSC Salmon Goujons in Vinegar Tempura Batter Crown 1kg £11.92
Natural Battered Onion Rings x 1kg £4.96
Onion Bhajees 100x20g £31.80
Onion Bhajees Daloon 50x35g £17.38
Oriental Selection 100x20g Tiger Tiger £18.59
Pickups Cheese & Onion Quiche Roberts Fayre 24x75g £10.84
Pickups Cheese & Tomato Quiche Roberts Fayre 24x75g £10.80
Pickups Quiche Lorraine Roberts Fayre 24x75gm £11.39
Pickups Spanish Quiche Roberts Fayre 24x75gm £10.80
Pickups Welsh Cheese & Leek Quiche Roberts Fayre 24x75gm £11.39
Prawn Crackers Tiger Tiger 227g £0.65
Preportioned Deep Filled Quiche Lorraine 10″ £11.57
Quiche Broccoli & Stilton 30cm £7.31
Quiche Cheese & Onion 30cm £7.31
Quiche Lorraine 30cm £7.31
Quiche Preportioned Red Pepper & Parmesan 10 ptn £10.91
Quiche Spanish 30cm £7.31
Raw Pigs in Blankets 100x20g £23.85
Salmon Mushroom & Cheese Crolines 90x22g £24.15
Sesame Chick Pea & Sesame Falafel Scheff 50 x 40gm £18.89
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagels 45x22g £29.14
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagels Frank Dale 45x22g £29.14
Smoked Salmon Dill & Lime Mousse Quality Cuisine 12x85g £15.78
Stuffing Balls Langfords 160x25g £12.93
Sweet Potato Falafel 50x22g £13.94
Tastequest Guacamole 500g £3.67
The House Falafel Naked Kitchen 2x60x20g £31.80
Tortilla Bites Frank Dale 64x35g £19.91
Traditional Chicago Canapes Thaw & Serve x48 £30.74
Unbaked Buffet Cheese & Onion Rolls 100x14g £4.18
Unbaked Cocktail Cheese & Onion Pasties 1×60 £32.20
Vegetable Buffet Pack Scheff 4×15 £20.52
Vegetable Crolines Craig Millar 90 x 22g £27.05
Vegetable Dim Sum Selection 3×16 £8.50
Vegetable Pancake Spring Rolls 24x150g £16.30
Vegetable Satay Big Kitchen 60x20g £12.32
Vegetable Spring Rolls Daloon 40x90g £18.70

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