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Fish Fillets Various




Basa Fillets 170-220g SPI 1kg £4.28
Block Cod Skinless Boneless 16-32 454-908g 6.81kg £97.70
Cod 8-16 Skinless Block 6.8kg £58.45
Cod Fillet Skinless Boneless Sykes 230gm-280gm x 15 £33.32
Cod Fillets 140-170g Skinless Boneless Five Star 4.54kg £37.84
Cod Fillets 170-200g Skinless Boneless x20 £35.94
Cod Fillets 200-230g Skinless Boneless x 18 £36.36
Cod Fillets 225-285g Skinless Boneless Sykes 5kg £34.24
Cod Fillets 88-112g x30 £36.06
Cod IQF 290-340g Skinless Boneless x 12 £29.39
Cod Loin 227-280g 5kg £56.98
Cod Loins 170-230g £36.71
Cod Loins 200/220g SPI 5kg £58.82
Cod Portions Skinless Boneless IQF 136-160g x 20 £41.08
Haddock Fillets 140-170g 4.54kg £40.75
Haddock Fillets 200-230g x22 £47.39
Lemon Sole Fillets 227-283g 4.54kg £71.03
Lemon Sole Fillets 6 – 7 oz 4.54kg £63.16
Plain Cod Fillet 170-200g 4.54kg £29.81
Plain Haddock Fillets 230-290g 4.54kg £42.74
Pollock Fillets Skinless & Boneless 110-140g 4.54kg £19.04
Salmon Fillet Skinless Boneless 10 x 140-170g £35.69
Salmon Fillets 140-160+ gm x 10 £24.05
Sea Bass Fillets 110-140g 1kg £17.69
Smoked Haddock Fillet 80-130g s 24’s £34.79
Smoked Haddock Fillets Natural Undyed 3.18kg £32.57
Smoked Mackerel Fillets 100-150g 3kg £29.71
Smoked Mackerel Fillets 130-180g 3kg £29.71
Smoked Peppered Mackerel Fillets 80-140g £38.76
Smoked Trout Fillets (approx 8) 500g £8.38
Tuna Loin Steaks 170g-228g x10 £20.88

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