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20-30 Crevettes Ocean Pearl 1kg £21.86
70-120g Smoked Peppered Mackerel 3kg £30.31
All White Crabmeat 454g £7.95
Blanchbait x 454g £2.40
Cooked Lobster in Brine Pacific West 350g £8.43
Cooked Mussell Meat 454g £2.99
Crab Flavoured Sticks 1kg £3.47
Crayfish Tails 1kg £15.03
Crayfish Tails 800g £20.04
Fish Pie Mix 1kg £12.93
Fish Pie Mix Clear Seas (900g net) 1 kg £10.02
IQF Cooked Cockles 454g £6.76
IQF Raw Squid Rings SPI 1kg £7.35
Large Roeless Scallops Ocean Catch 1kg £25.33
Lightly Dusted Chipirones Squid 450g £6.36
Lightly Dusted Squid Calamari Tentacles 1kg £12.58
Luxury Fish Pies Paramount 12x400g £44.04
Luxury Seafood Selection SPI 1kg £12.42
Mixed Crab Meat 50-50 454g £5.46
Mussels in Mariniere Sauce 10x450g £25.50
Mussels in Whole Shell 1kg £3.41
Mussels Whole Shell 1kg £2.99
Pacific West 500gm £10.64
Portugese Sardines 1kg £3.57
Salt And Pepper Squid SPI 1kg £13.21
Scottish Smoked Salmon Sliced Highland x 200gm £6.36
Seafood Basket Pac West Battered & Breaded 200g £3.27
Seafood Cocktail 12x500g £9.22
Squid Tubes 1kg £7.85
Whitebait 454g £2.22

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